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Residential Live Bee Removal Services

Bees are critical to our ecosystem, but when they make a home in or around your home, they can pose a threat to your family and pets. When this happens, call Victory Bee Removal to have them safely removed and relocated from your residence.

Where to look?
If you see more than your normal amount of bees in your garden or yard area, you may have a hive established nearby. Some of the most common areas you may find bees are;

Bee swarm in a tree or bush.
Bees entering or flying around the roofline.
Bees entering a wall or balcony.
Bees entering an exhaust or attic vent.
Bees hovering at the chimney.
Bees inside an irrigation or meter box. 

Bees build very quickly so if you notice bee activity on your property, be sure to contact Victory Bee Removal as soon as possible to assess the situation. We can be reached at 800-317-1504 or submit an online request here.