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Bee & Hive Removal

If you spot a swarm of bees in your area you may soon have a colony looking to build a hive in your neighborhood.  Colonies start as swarms, searching for a places to build their hive.

Bees, especially those that build hives, like honey bees, tend to look for places that are protected from the elements.  Common places you may find a hive are your attic, roof, hollow tree, chimney or shed, for example. 

If you spot a hive or swarm on or nearby your property simply leave them alone and call Victory Bee Removal.  We will respond promptly to provide you a fast, free consultation and estimate.  

As bees are an important part of our ecosystem, you trust that we will safely remove them from your area, with no damage to your property and provide them a new home where they can do what bees do.