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Public Utility Bee Removal

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If you are a board member of a homeowner association/HOA, an apartment manager, or a management company, the responsibility for the safety of your residents is in your control. The landscaping of your community may be perfectly suitable for a bee colony to establish its home/hive in the neighborhood.

Some of the most common areas where your residents may spot bees might be one of the following:

Bees swarming in a tree.
Bees entering or flying around the roofline.
Bees entering a wall or balcony.
Bees entering an exhaust or attic vent.
Bees hovering at the chimney.
Bees inside an irrigation or meter box.
Bees in a tree or bush.

If you or your residents spot bees anywhere in the neighborhood and would like some peace of mind, call Victory Bee Removal. We come to your property to provide a free inspection and quote to remove and relocate the bees and hive, giving them a new home and keeping your tenants/residents safe.