San Diego County: 619-494-0757

Orange County: 949-200-6456

Riverside County: 760-846-2136

About Victory Bee Removal

At Victory Bee Removal, we are committed to protecting our local bee population, so we proudly offer LIVE bee removal and bee relocation services. Whether you have a swarm in a tree or bees in your roofline, no job is too big or too small and all our work is guaranteed.

Victory Bee Removal is family owned and operated and has been in business over the past 20 years assisting customers throughout Southern California.

We specialize in treating bee problems at residential and commercial locations, as well as public utilities and for home owner associations.

Moreover you can trust that Victory Bee Removal:

  • Treats bees safely and humanely
  • Never uses any toxic or hazardous chemicals
  • Will never damage your property
  • Guarantees all of our work